“An Ocean In Between The Waves”

I have been seeing things, lately.


Plucking my eyebrows in the mirror, I look into my eyes. I get really close to the reflection of a blue iris, almost touching it, and notice my pupil adjust. I pause, and connect with love, feeling divine light explode in my chest (I feel it, I am it). When I do this, the black of my pupils expand. They dilate, letting in more light. They dilate, letting in more light. I see a physical response to love in my body. I cry.

I once see the trajectory of jets, of the paths they would take, moments before they actually did. Looking through a window at white-laced streaks across the blue sky, I see their futures open instants before they took them.

A thick and contained drop of water captures my attention. It rests on my car windshield and catches the sun. I see it move across the glass as my car turns. And then, I see the world reflected through it. Through the underside of the water drop, I see the trees pass upside down. I see this water drop’s whole moving world reflected through itself.

Our bodies are 60% water.


This is what I have been seeing, lately, when I’m not looking.

Rather than what I usually do, a looking without seeing.


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