My Wedding and/or Funeral Recipe

One long, open bar – (best with Bulleit, Oregon microbrews, PBR, and a selection of fine wines)

One fiddle player

Two memory cards full of candid photographs

A handful of beauty

A pinch of sarcasm

A lot of truth – seasoned to taste

Something read or played that means something (anything) to everybody

A few dozen flowers – but only ones that represent random meanings

Use sincerity and humor as needed (i.e., like butter in the Midwest)

Enough sugar for a transparent coating

Sprinkled generously with open hearts

Mix it all up – however you want and however it moves you – because no matter how it connects this time, it will produce love. Place in the oven at 350 degrees for nine months. Let sit for 30 plus years.

Feeds as many as needed. Best served with an array of sauces (hot and sweet) on the side.

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