I am basically writing this blog post just so I can get through to my next activity on this beautiful day: sitting outside and reading.

So, let’s get to it.


They say that writing is about showing up. Showing up for your job, and being receptive to whatever may come along. Some days nothing comes and you just write, some days it is a struggle (like today because I just want to go read), but some days something magical happens – you write the world into a new way of seeing, from a force greater than yourself.

But, that is not today. Instead of sitting down and writing this morning as usual, I fantasized about going to India and did some of the dishes and answered not enough emails and took things to the Equality House for a garage sale to support freedom in Uganda.

Now I sit, writing an uncategorized post. And now, I’m going to go outside to read the world into a new way of seeing.

Tallyho, my friends. Tallyho.

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